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The Computational Biology AND Biochemical Genomics Lab

What we do

There are ~300,000 plant species, producing over a million metabolites. How is this staggering diversity generated? What purpose do these metabolites serve, if any? How can we make use of this diversity in agriculture, nutrition and medicine? The Moghe lab uses computational biology, molecular biology, biochemistry and field-based approaches to address these questions. Know more about what we do by exploring the links below.


I teach PLBIO 4000/6000: Concepts and Techniques in Computational Biology - an intensive co-meet course for advanced undergraduates and grad students every spring. This course is meant for biologists intent on learning computational genomics approaches, and covers topics such as Python programming, genomics, domain analysis, network analysis and machine learning.

Students interested in registering for this class but are unsure of the advertised requirements can contact me at my email address listed below.

I also teach a 2-lecture grad student lab class on Mass Spectrometry for metabolomics in Fall (PLBIO 6410), a 4-lecture Introduction to Machine Learning for plant science graduate students (PLSCI 7202), and a paper discussion in the spring semester for plant biology grad students (PLBIO 7410) as part of larger courses for plant science students. 

We also co-organize the #PhytochemTalks - a biweekly virtual seminar series for phytochemists worldwide! Register here for updates and the zoom link.

Interested in joining?

Please contact Gaurav at gdm67 AT cornell DOT edu to inquire about any open positions. We are part of the Plant Biology section, the Computational Biology graduate field, and the Chemistry-Biology Interface graduate training program. Graduate students interested in rotating in the lab will need to be accepted through the these programs.

Moghe lab@Cornell


260, Emerson Hall, Cornell University


Recent blog posts
Latest News 

Jan/Feb 2022

Nov/Dec 2021

  • Jiho Lee is awarded the Morley award and Dextra award for UG research on carotenoids. Go Jiho!  🎉🎈

  • Manuscript on resin glycoside diversity in morning glories accepted in Horticulture Research special issue on Specialized Metabolism in Horticultural Crops

Sep/Oct 2021

  • Jiho Lee, Arden Lee, Nandita Nagarajan join the lab as undergrad researchers. Welcome!

  • Bryce Askey joins for his second rotation.

  • Manuscript on importance of acylsugars in N. benthamiana aphid and drought response published, in collaboration with the Jander lab.


August 2021

July 2021


June 2021

April 2021

  • Chinmaey gets an internship at a Texas biomedical genomics company

  • Sejin is a finalist at the Cornell Undergraduate Research Board symposium for her honors thesis work. 


March 2021

December 2020

  • Liz selected for a data scientist summer internship at Corteva. Way to go Liz! 🎉🎈


November 2020

  • Lars' BAHD paper submitted to bioRxiv and for review.

  • Mohammad Irfan joins the lab as a postdoc! Irfan is an expert on tomato biochemistry. Welcome Irfan! 🎉🎈

  • Arielle Johnson co-joins the Moghe/Frank lab groups working on the Euphorbia project. Welcome Arielle! 🎉🎈


August 2020

  • Ali's first paper on sweet potato anthocyanins on bioRxiv and under review.

  • We bid goodbye to Alexandra Bennett, our lab tech for 3 years, who is moving to Vienna for graduate studies in analytical chemistry. She will be sorely missed!

  • Ben Fehr -- computational biology graduate student -- joins the lab for his rotation.

  • Nandita Nagarajan -- a high schooler from NJ -- completes a very successful virtual summer internship in the lab working on cis-regulatory element discovery.


July 2020

  • Lars and Gaurav present at the ASPB Global Summit. Liz presents a poster at ISCB.


May 2020

  • Gaurav presents at UCSD (virtually). Thanks to Eric Schmelz for the invitation!


April 2020

  • Liz is now a co-PI on a successful Schmittau-Novak small grant from SIPS, with Olenka (PI) from Olena Vatamaniuk lab.


March 2020

  • Solanum quitoense -- a system Gaurav developed in his postdoc -- finally sees light of the day in Plant Physiology, thanks to Bryan Leong's persistent efforts in the Last lab!

  • Paper on rice interactome with Susan McCouch and Haiyuan Yu accepted in PNAS!

  • Liz's review titled Machine learning: A powerful tool for gene function prediction in plants -- a detailed primer of ML for functional genomics -- just got accepted in Applications in Plant Sciences! 🎉🎈


January 2020

  • Excited for meeting the Plant Natural Products group graduate students and faculty at Rutgers, New Brunswick.

  • Gaurav presents preliminary data on sweet potato metabolite analysis at the NY State Producer's Expo, Syracuse.


October 2019

  • Thanks to University of Nebraska-Lincoln Center for Plant Science Innovation for an excellent one-day symposium on Plant Metabolism and Engineering!

  • Liz completes her A-exam! She's officially a PhD candidate! 🎉🎈

August 2019

  • Gaurav presents in the Inaugural Presidential session at ASPB 2019, San Jose: "All in the family: Emergence of new functions in plant enzyme families"

  • Jason wins the second prize in the Cornell-BTI REU poster presentation. Congratulations! 🎉🎈

June 2019

  • Jason Chobirko from the University of Pittsburgh joins our lab as part of the Cornell-BTI REU program.

  • Cornell Biotechnology Resource Center Seed Grant (co-PI: Margaret Frank) on studying Euphorbiaceae latex and laticifers accepted! 🎉🎈

May 2019

  • Our USDA-Hatch proposal for quantifying anthocyanins and carotenoids from NY-grown sweet potatoes accepted! 🎉🎈

March 2019

  • Michael Miller -- a PLBIO grad student -- joins the lab for his third rotation


January 2019

  • Gordon Younkin and Nicole Szeluga -- PLBIO grad students -- join lab for their second rotations

  • New AJB paper on evolutionary biochemistry co-authored with fellow Botany meeting presenters, shepherded by Stacey Smith and Chris Pires now online!

December 2018

  • Our proposal to JGI-CSP for Brachypodium transcriptomics and metabolomics was just accepted! 🎉🎈Major work to start in February!


October 2018

  • Kai Fan joins our lab as a Visiting Fellow on a CSC fellowship from China for 1 year

September 2018

  • Se-Jin Park joins our lab as an undergrad

  • Anna-Lena Sprick joins the lab as a visiting intern from Christian Albrecht University of Kiel for 2 months

July 2018

  • Lars was just awarded the German DFG fellowship for 2 years! 🎉🎈

June 2018

  • Our AJB paper is now online 🎉🎈

  • Liz Mahood embarks on her PhD journey in the lab! 🎉🎈

  • Welcome - Elena Lazarus! Elena comes to our lab for 10 weeks from the University of Portland, as part of the Boyce Thompson Institute REU program.

April 2018


March 2018

  • Gaurav is the recipient of the 2018 ASPB Early Career award!🎉🎈

  • Our opinion piece titled "The study of plant specialized metabolism in the genomics era: Challenges and prospects" just got accepted in the American Journal of Botany.

January 2018

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