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1) Shayne Wierbowski.....Lars Kruse....Gaurav Moghe, Susan McCouch, Haiyuan Yu (accepted, PNAS) A massively parallel barcoded sequencing pipeline enables generation of the first single-colony ORFeome and high-quality protein-protein interactome map for rice.

2) Elizabeth Mahood, Lars Kruse, Gaurav Moghe (accepted; APPS) Machine learning: A powerful tool for gene function prediction in plants

3) Bryan Leong, Steven Hurney, Paul Fiesel, Gaurav Moghe, A. Daniel Jones, Robert Last  (Plant Physiology) Solanaceae specialized metabolism in a non-model plant: trichome acylinositol biosynthesis (biorXiv link)


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2019, Lloyd, Sci. Rep.
Poaceae intergenic functional regions
2019, Smith et al, AJB
A renaissance of comparative biochemistry
2018, Moghe/Kruse, AJB*
The study of plant specialized metabolism: Challenges and prospects in the genomics era
2018, Moghe/Smith, New Phyt*
Commentary with Stacey Smith about betalain pigment evolution in Caryophyllales
2018, Pichersky, Plant Phys
Identification of terpene biosynthetic enzymes in Chrysanthemum
2017, Moghe, eLife*
Evolution of a plant defense metabolite pathway in Solanaceae using integrative techniques
2016, Fan, Methods
Methods used for acylsugar extraction and analyses
2015, Moghe, Plant Phys*
Primary metabolic enzymes are a fountainhead of novel specialized metabolic enzymes
2015, Lehti-Shiu, Plant Phys
Functional divergence and decay of two Arabidopsis transcription factors DDF1 and DDF2
2015, Schilmiller, Plant Cell
ASAT3 divergence in wild tomatoes has produced novel acylsugar phenotypes
2015, Lloyd, Plant Cell
A machine learning algorithm to predict whether a gene's knockout will cause lethality
2015, Moghe, Plant Phys*
Duplication-divergence of primary metabolic enzyme IPMS caused acylsugar evolution in tomatoes
2014, Moghe, NYAS*
A review of the causes and consequences of polyploidization in plants
2014, Moghe, Plant Cell*
Genome sequencing of wild radish and WGD-derived duplicate gene evolution
2014, Campbell, Plant Phys
Describes the MAKER-P software used for gene prediction and quality control
2013, Moghe, Plant Phys*
Most intergenic transcription represents transcriptional noise
2012, Davidson, Plant J
Comparative transcriptomics of three Poaceae species reveals patterns of gene expression evolution
2010, Lin, BMC Evol Bio
Lineage specific genes in Arabidopsis and Brassicaceae
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