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Gaurav Moghe (PI)

Gaurav is broadly interested in understanding how things turn out the way they do. He is fascinated by the diversity of life and hopes that we will be careful about the way we manage it.

Gaurav was born in Mumbai, India not so (or maybe) long ago. He learnt his trade by obtaining a Masters degree in Biochemistry from India, followed by a dual PhD from Michigan State University in Genetics and Quantitative Biology. During his PhD, Gaurav did a lot of computational biology research, but switched to doing a significant amount of bench-work during his postdoc.

In his spare time, Gaurav likes to watch TV and explore the outdoors, but not both at the same time. His favorite number is 42.

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People who actually do the work

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Lab alumni

Visitors who did amazing work while here

Rotation graduate students

Arielle Johnson (2018) - currently jointly advised with Margaret Frank

Nicole Szeluga (2019)

Gordon Younkin (2019)

Michael Miller (2019)

Ben Fehr (2020)

Alexandre Miaule (2021)

Bryce Askey (2021)

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